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Renaissance Clothes for Less!

what a good attention getter(hook) for Renissance clothing?

Published by admin on March 5, 2010

please help.
and im planning my thesis to be ::
The clothing of the Renaissance can be characterized by important status symbols and clothing was worn in many different and similar ways between men and woman.

is that ok?

please hellp
i mean status symbols as in what people wore suggested to what class(s) they were from (wealthy or poor) and who the individual person was.

and i thought thesis goes at the end of your into, isnt you’re first sentence an attention getter? i cant think of one or find a quote to help me out ):

Usually your thesis is a statement that will tell what you want to talk about. I’m confused about important status symbols. Was the clothing a status symbol? Could you say the clothing of the Renaissance was different based on gender, status, and (something else here). Characterized implies that the status symbols defined the clothing. That doesn’t really make sense. The basic thesis is one sentence that contains a list of three supporting details that will give you your standard five paragraph essay.

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